Capacity Building

  • Launching branches of enterprise architecture laboratories all across the country (2015)
  • Enterprise Architecture National Committee establishment (2015)
  • Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture (SOEA) laboratory establishment (2011)
  • Enterprise architecture approved as a master’s degree at Shahid Beheshti University Ministry of Science (2008)
  • Dozens of large and medium-sized enterprises have taken Enterprise architecture activities into consideration (since 2003)
  • Carrying out more than 50 enterprise architecture projects in ministries and major executive bureaus (since 2003)
  • Information Architecture Committee establishment (2003)


  • Holding a number of sessions and symposiums on enterprise architecture (2015)
  • Designing training course on enterprise architecture (2015)
  • Submitting more than 100 doctoral and Master’s theses on enterprise architecture (since 2003)
  • Organizing more than 100 training workshops on enterprise architecture for both public and private organizations (since 2003)

National Framework and Reference Models

  • Iran national enterprise architecture plan and framework establishment (2016)
  • Producing the first draft of IEAF (2005)

EA rules, regulations, directives, and incentives

  • All executive bureaus have obliged implementing enterprise architecture plans by President Rouhani order (2015)
  • Designing enterprise architecture training courses for CIOs and IT managers (2015)
  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technology issued a directive on enterprise architecture (2013)
  • Providing executive bureaus with IT architecture guidelines (2012)